Who We Are & What We Do…

In a world of faceless corporations, we believe small is best.

We publish a tidy selection of truly niche books and patterns, things that are out of the ordinary… things that delight the eclectic group we proudly know as our readers and our friends.

  • Historical resources for the mid-19th century to help you recreate the past
  • Resources for historic sites, interpretive historical education, and living history enthusiasts to help you present the past
  • Mid-19th century sewing patterns to help you dress the past
  • Modern sewing patterns with historic flair to help you make the past part of your future traditions.

And we don’t just publish: we teach! Contact us for workshop and speaking availability on any topic we cover. We’ll come to you.

We’re based in the western foothills of the Idaho Rocky Mountains, and are proud to have all of our books, patterns, and other resources fully manufactured here in the US, using established local craftsmen who care deeply about producing work that lasts.

Click here to reach us any time by email, or give us a call at 208-523-3673 (but please mind the time zones: we are generally available 10am to 8pm Mountain time, Monday through Saturday.)




Niche publishing... 

it's a nice place to be!